What Is Pixel Mobb Media?

Christopher at Wu-Tang Shaolin Studio
Pixel Mobb with - Alan Belcher (UFC Fighter) Luke Sisombath, and Retired NFL Player Marques Ogden in NYC

Professional Editing, Marketing Strategy, & Coaching - All in one affordable membership.

There is so much that goes into making a good video it’s mind-bending. Anyone can make a video. Point- shoot – edit – upload- Done.

If it were that easy, as the marketers tell you, everyone would be crushing it with video. Trying to navigate camera technology, computer software, filming techniques, microphones, lights, tripods, and scripts can be daunting. 

Today without video, your business is going to struggle to stand out. 

Worse – there was already a massive increase in video use over the last 5 years, covid – 19 accelerated it to unprecedented levels. 

That means – there is a vast area of white noise and purgatory that mediocre videos go to suffer. 

You do not want to be in the middle. 

Unlimited content is ridiculous. You need a specific tailor-fitted video – that speaks directly to YOUR market and explain the benefits of working with YOU. 

If you ever made a video, you know that editing is the hard part.

It takes a ton of time to sort through, look for the best shots and then edit it all together. And if you don’t know what makes good video work – it can all be wasted time, energy, and money. 

Most people try it a few times and give up. That’s a shame because video is the fastest and most accessible and cheapest way to run paid advertisements on social media to connect organically to your audience. That’s why we created this program.  

These Are ALWAYS Included - no extra charges.

Sub-titles Included

Every month your videos get a square version with sub titles and closed caption baked into your videos - we include it in your membership. You don't pay extra.

Stock Footage

We have millions of stock videos and photos to choose from to fill in the gaps of your video if you need it. No charge.

Education Library

Unlimited access to courses and training. How to film better, set up lights, use microphones and anything video-related. Worth thousands.

Unlimited Video Editing Is A Joke.

Unlimited plans are everywhere. The reason we don’t do unlimited editing – it’s a joke. 

You don’t need endless mediocre content. The web is filled with it. You need the right kind of content. One strong video asset will do better than 20 boring ones. Our program walks you through step by step by learning about your business and guiding you to create content that connects with your audience. 

Unlimited video businesses – destroy good creativity. Lots of unlimited companies use poverty-stricken countries as low-cost labor. There are language barriers, cultural barriers, wifi issues, power outages, storms, and a ton of limitations in what you can and can’t do on a timely basis.

Our editors are all in the USA.

Unlimited is mediocre – and mediocre does not sell. 

We only take 50 members at any given time. Our program keeps small and intimate – so you get the best of us. Get started with Pixel Mobb Media Now. 

A Unique Process That Is Simple To Follow And Works Insanely Well.

Our process has been refined over 10 years. It works for any type of business, service, or online coach. The concepts are the same. 

From the very start our team works with you to figure out a strategy for your videos. Then each month we go over ways to elaborate – differentiate or build off the last. This isn’t just editing, you get a team of creatives who are there helping you throughout the process. 

Filming anything can be daunting. At times you don’t know what to do, what to film, how to film it, and how to use the tech. We are here to make it as simple as possible for you. Our program comes filled with online training and real time communication with our team. 

Load them all up in Dropbox – and we will do the rest. 

We take your footage, and create unique videos that help spread your message, show off your business, style and voice, while attracting new customers and engaging current ones. 

Why THIS is SO much more than just editing.

 This is more than just editing, this is an entire team having your back, from the start to the end of your project.

Production Coaching

We aren't an editing shop. We help you figure out what to film, what to say, and how to say it - to get the best chance of your video ad to convert or your content to hit home. You get access to a producer, director, and a stand-alone editor - our entire team communicates with you. Have a question about lighting, mics, ideas, anything to do with your videos - ask, and someone will answer—every time.

World Class Editors

We know how to edit to sell stuff online. We have helped some of the biggest launches in athletic performance, Martial Arts, and Entertainment. Our team has worked with everyone from Star athletes, Pro Ball and UFC Coaches, Grammy Award Winner Musicians, Best Selling Authors, Brick and Mortar and E-Comm. Our editors are hand selected professionals.

Online Sales Experience

At Pixel Mobb™ this is what we do; we get hired to produce sales material to promote business, product, or service online using video. We are the best at it. You get our team as your marketing team. Hiring us usually starts at 5 figures. We created this program to help business owners and save them time and money. We have been selling things online since 2003.

Made In The USA!

We are at this time supporting local and remote freelancers in the USA, We are proud to say we are Made In The USA!

A Whole Team - That Has Your Back.

You get a dedicated editor and Producers who have been doing this for a long time. We are not marketers – selling video and some sugar-coated dream. We are a video production company that has mastered marketing for our customers and ourselves. What we teach – we apply in our own business. And our clients. You get DIRECT communication with the entire team – all of the time. No one else offers this. For good reason – most other editors are located outside of the US. Our whole editing team is Made in the USA. 

Christopher Perilli

Owner and founder / Executive Producer of Pixel Mobb. Christopher has worked with top names in Fitness, Martial Arts, Combat Sports and Entertainment. He’s worked on projects for Tim Ferriss, Wu-Tang Clan, Mike Boyle, Joe DeFranco, Roufusport, and many more. Artist, Writer, Designer, Martial Artist, Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt. Dog Lover. 

Caroline Sincaruk "Cari"

Caroline or “Cari” is Pixel Mobb’s field general lead shooter, and project manager. A Brazilian born, New Jersey raised filmmaker. An Alumni of Bloomfield College. Since then she has had a lead role in various film productions with Pixel Mobb across the United States. Cari keeps things moving along neatly. 


Christian Lampe

Chris Lampe is an incredibly talented DP, Director, Producer, Editor, and Film maker. He is also a master debater. 

Angela Jordan "AJ"

Actor, Martial Artist, Stunt Woman, Creative Technician. AJ is a senior editor at Pixel Mobb. 

Jessica Garcia Perilli

Jessica is a special agent. She get’s things done. But she doesn’t talk about it. 

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